Product & Services


Refractories –Bricks, Castables, Plastic ramming mass, Guniting refractories, Ceramic fibre materials -Paper, blankets, ropes, modules, etc.

Inconel and Stainless steel reinforcements –holders, anchors, fibres, wires, nets, chainlinks, etc.

Refractory installation – Projects & Maintenance

  1. Brick lining,
  2. Monolithic castable installation
  3. Guniting
  4. Ramming
  5. Welding reinforcements- like anchors, chainlinks, etc.
  6. Core Drilling
  7. Inspection & Failure analysis
  8. Refactory Installation
  9. Refractory dry out – HSD/LDO/LNG/LPG etc.
  10. Annual Maintenance contracts

To Identify and select a contractor: Some of the basic qualities expected of a refractory contractor are:

  • Has the agency executed similar works in the past?
  • Does the agency have all the relevant registrations/licences mandatory to meet local laws and regulations?
  • Is the agency accessible at short notice?
  • Is the agency a full time player or part time player?
  • Does the agency understand the value and importance of refractories?
  • Does the agency have a regular manpower base?
  • Is the agency financially sound?.
  • Is the agency technically sound/knowledgeable?
  • Is the agency responsible and dependable?
  • Is the agency sufficiently equipped to mobilise at short notice and the type and condition of his equipments?
  • Is the agency capable of arranging manpower and equipments for all kinds of installation – brick lining, plastic ramming, grouting, core drilling, guniting, castable installation, ceramic blanket and module lining?.
  • Does the agency provide solutions or gives excuses/transfers blame? Can he provide solutions during exigencies?
  • Is the agency safety and environment conscious?

Finally –

Does the contractor have a good track record?.
How many of the agency's customers utilise ITS services regularly and since how long?

During progress of work:

How is the attitude of the workmen at site towards the work and with other co-agencies?
Is the agency particular about house-keeping?


We will create safe zones and protect environment.

Business Conduct

  • Business has been built over a decade of trust with integrity and being sensitive to customer needs.
  • We will be ethical in our business activity and respect local laws and regulations.
  • We value human resources and dignity.

Representative Locations:

  1. Panvel
  2. Durgapur
  3. Kollam
  4. Chennai