The central control unit

Busch-priOn® allows you to control and monitor functions for the entire room.

Light, scenes, timer, blind control unit, heating control unit – all functions are controlled simply and intuitively via a rotary dial, and freely programmable functions can be called up via the rocker switches. Busch-priOn® is a non-fixed, modular concept.

Glass black Studiowhite, glossy Stainless steel Glass white

Colours that make life easier.

A consistent colour coding concept and durable LED technology make Busch-priOn® extremely easy to operate. The dial lights up in the colours of the coding system, thus providing feedback on the function currently selected. Yellow stands for lighting, blue for the blind control unit, magenta for light scenes and orange for the heating control unit. These colours are also found on the rocker switches of the control element panels.

A new single-line display with integrated room temperature controller has been designed for the Busch-priOn® 3gang control element, technically reduced to the basics and optically elegant. It is particularly easy to read due to the monochromatic design for white on black information. The room temperature controller, information function like time and date, up to 17 freely programmable text displays, IR sensor and proximity sensor have been integrated into the display. The design of the display is available in the colour and material "glass black" only.

The 8.9 cm (3.5") TFT display gives a clear overview of all information. The user can choose from 3 surface designs: black, blue and silver.

The 8.9 cm (3.5") TFT display gives a clear overview of all information. Operation is simple intuitive, supported the colour coding concept. It is possible freely combine several Busch-priOn® elements with each other. display and a special allow simple and convenient control.

Busch-priOn® is a nonfixed, modular-design system. The rocker switches of the triple control element allow you to call up freely programmable functions such as light scenes, blind functions or specific lamps.

Busch-priOn® is ideal in combination with the carat® switch series, which has surfaces in the same design.

The Busch-priOn® flushmounted movement sensor can be used individually or with other Busch-priOn® modules. Practical because users thus do not have to look for the light switch and are greeted with light when first entering a dark room.

Note: We can only give you a rough idea here of the wide range of combinations offered by this modular concept. For more detailed information, see our separate product brochure / planning aid or the catalogue.