Room thermostat FanCoil

with display, surface-mounted with integrated bus coupler

Living and working with a feeling of well-being. And here the air in the room is one of the most important factors. Because the body takes an ideal temperature for granted and therefore easily reacts to changes. Heated or air-conditioned rooms can be optimally adjusted – to a consistently pleasant ambience.

The KNX Fan Coil room temperature controller for stand-alone applications. The Fan Coil room temperature controller with display is a room temperature controller for ventilator convectors or conventional systems for heating and cooling. This option offers complete air-conditioning for rooms. The temperature can be adjusted precisely for personal comfort. The fan speeds can be selected by push buttons. Even very large rooms can be heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature quickly – with additional air-conditioning units. The KNX Fan Coil room temperature controller can be operated individually. The bus coupler is integrated into the control element.


Temperature sensor | RTC setting | Illuminated display | Fan Coil operation for heating and cooling

Very easy to operate with large, clear display | Complete air conditioning | Fan speeds can be manually selected | Integrated bus coupler |
Surface-mounted, independent switching program | Colours: studio white, aluminium silver