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Das Busch-ComfortTouch® offers not only an extremely versatile range of switching and control functions for KNX systems, but also satisfies the highest design requirements. Its unique colour coding concept makes for particularly easy operation.

Busch-ComfortTouch® unites the functions of a home control system, an information and entertainment centre with the highest design requirements. You can use Busch-ComfortTouch® to switch lamps on and off, dim them, control blinds, room temperature or select scenes comprising a combination of the above-named functions – even via remote control. There is also an integrated audio and video player. These functions are not only of interest for private households – the system is often used in doctor's surgeries, offices, restaurants or stores to provide attractive lighting, soft background music or comfortable room climates. A presence simulation function and alarm message display provide added security. It is also possible to display images from surveillance cameras. The system can be connected to the Internet, enabling you to call up e-mails, the latest stock market news, the weather forecast or traffic information. Operation is simple and easy via touch screen. A menu created individually for the user with clearly assigned buttons and a unique colour coding concept allow simple and intuitive operation.

Simplicity and user-friendliness are always the top priorities for operation. Busch-Jaeger has developed a new and unique colour coding concept for the user interface of its intelligent home control system. Each comfort area is assigned a specific colour. Yellow stands for lighting, blue for the blind control unit, magenta for light scenes and orange for the heating control unit. These colours are also used in the menus on the display.

Busch-ComfortTouch® Glass black, design cover aluminium, video supervision Glass white, design cover aluminium Glass white, design cover chrome Glass black, design cover aluminium Glass black, design cover chrome

The system is controlled via the Busch-ComfortTouch® – it couldn't be easier. Buttons with text and symbols allow intuitive operation. Just a touch of the finger, and you can call up the MP3-player and play individual titles or playlists. And the volume is regulated via the panel, too. The ideal solution, not only for homes – the system is, for example, popular in restaurants. No more CDs lying around, no more finding space for a conventional hifi centre. The system can also be used to call up light scenes for various situations, from a cosy dinner at home to night-time lighting for store windows, at the press of a button or via a time-controlled function. Another useful feature is the handy memo field allowing you to write text by hand - use it, for example to write a shopping list or for leaving messages for others. Colour pictures from surveillance cameras on stairways or outside the building can be called up on the display, offering added security. This allows you to keep an eye on the building at all times – handy, for example, for checking the surrounding area before opening the door for customers in the morning or when the doorbell rings.

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