Harmony of function and design

The Busch-Jaeger SMARTtouch does not just look good, it also offers numerous functions for switching and controlling an KNX system. This versatile display and operating unit can be used simply and with intuition.

The SMARTtouch offers a number of functions, e.g. switching, dimming, blind control, measurement value display, switch time control, light scene control or display and storage of alarm and disturbance signals. In addition, the panel can be used as a room thermostat or timer/alarm clock, and has an additional information function with which information can be recorded. Operation is simple and intuitive. By means of the PDA pen, the functions are carried out by means of the touchscreen buttons labelled in clear text. Control of the functions is facilitated by a clear menu structure. The SMARTtouch can be operated conveniently by means of an infrared hand-held transmitter, which allows the equipment or functions to be controlled from a distance. The panel is available with color display for more than 210 KNX standard functions. One version is equipped with an additional BANG & OLUFSEN infrared interface.

Black glass with chrome flap White glass with aluminium flap

On the Start page of the SMARTtouch, there are up to 10 touchareas, which, for example, reflect the room layout of a house. With the buttons of the footer, the room temperature and time can be read off at any time, and also direct access to the integrated individual room thermostat and time programs is possible. If a touch button on the start page is touched with the PDA pen, you go directly to the overview of the individual functions of the room (e.g. of the living room) or function group. On the display, the current statuses, e.g. the switch functions or measurement values, are displayed in clear text. With another touch on the respective individual function, an operation window opens, by means of which, for example, the brightness of the ceiling light can be altered. By means of the "Home" button in the footer, you can return from the operation page back to the start page. In addition, the SMARTtouch has a "child-proofing function", with which the entire operation can be blocked. The respective locking symbol is displayed in the header.

Audio and video devices can be controlled by the SMARTtouch and integrated into scenes. In the process, it does not matter whether the integration takes place using the ABB i-bus®KNX which uses the existing power line to transfer the data. To connect the system to a media control unit, an additional device such as the media box* is required.

*The media box can be ordered from the following address: Detlef Coldewey GmbH, Burgstra├če 6, 26655 Westerstede.